Micro SD Card

If you're buying our current pick the second-generation Moto G, we highly recommend a PNY 32GB Premium Micro SD Memory Card — or really any other cheap 32GB micro SD card — for maximizing your storage capacity. As mentioned in our mobile phone recommendations, the Moto G only comes with 8GB of storage, and expect 5GB at least to be used up by the system and basic apps. If you keep documents, photos or music on your phone, you'll likely want more. This one is cheap. You don't need an expensive SD card unless you're also planning on using it with a high-end video camera.

Bluetooth Headset

We really like the Kinivo BTH220 Bluetooth Stereo Headphone, and we've tried lots of bluetooth headsets — and accidentally lost, sat on or otherwise destroyed a number of them. This one doesn't have cables to get bent and frayed, and folds nicely and to fit in a pocket, so it's harder to set down and lose somewhere. The sound is clear and loud, both for communications and listening to music. These are not audiophile headphones (honestly, over Bluetooth, you're never going to get outstanding sound), but they are of a great quality for the price.

Spare Battery

An extra battery can save you all kinds of hassle and torment. There are better, more expensive ones out there, but, according to our product designer colleague, even the finest batteries are notoriously unreliable over the long haul. His advice: just go for a cheap one. The Anker Astro Mini 3200mAh has the highest customer rating on Amazon in its category, goes for under £15, and has an 18-month warranty. It's pocket-sized and costs a fifth as much as its high-end competitors, making those others hardly worth the inherent risk in this type of product.


We're sceptical of claims that mobile phones definitely cause cancer, and sceptical of claims that they definitely don't. As long as the science is out on that one though (there are great overviews of this scientific toss-up from the Mayo Clinic and Cancer Research UK), we won't be regularly cosying phones up to our brains — these are, after all, devices that emit microwave-frequency radiation strong enough to travel several kilometres. Thus, the Panasonic RP TCM125 headset, which delivers great sound and clear calling. It's also in-ear, so that helps to block out the inevitable bustle around us.


Depending on your tendency toward paranoia/butterfingers, you may want to get a case to protect your phone. On the other hand, no matter how thin, a case still adds a bit of bulk, and it can nicer to use a phone without.