Our complete meta-review found that the UE Boom 2 is the most recommendable portable Bluetooth speaker out right now. That survey, however, did not take into account bigger speakers like the UE MegaBoom, and our readers have been asking us about it and how it compares to its famous littler sibling.

Both are excellent speakers and quite similar, but there are a few differences to be aware of, as shown below.

Side-by-Side Comparison: UE Boom 2 vs. UE MegaBoom

Further on we'll go into the details of who thought what about these speakers, but here's a quick overview of each.

UE Megaboom

• A bit bigger: 8.9 in. tall, 3.3 in. diameter (22.6 x 8.3 cm)

• Weight: 1.93 lbs (0.877 kg)

Top-rated sound: More on reviewers' reactions below 

Slightly louder

• Frequency range: 65Hz-20kHz (deeper bass)

• Slightly bigger drivers: Two 51 mm active drivers and two 51 x 102 mm passive radiators

Fully waterproof: Rated IPX7

• 20-hour battery

• Several colors

UE Boom 2

• Tall-beer-can sized: 7.13 in tall, 2.75 in. diameter (18 x 6.7 cm)

• 38% lighter: 1.2 lbs (0.55 kg)

Top-rated sound: More on reviewers' reactions below

Loud enough to fill a mid-size room or animate a small beach party

• Frequency range: 90Hz-20kHz (bass not quite as deep)

• Drivers: Two 45 mm active drivers and two 45 x 80 mm passive radiators

Fully waterproof: Rated IPX7

• 15-hour battery

• Many (wild) colors

Where They Are Alike

Both of these speakers stand out for their durability and could even be dropped in the bathtub for a half hour and still be fine. They each make use of Logitech's apps for iOS and Android to form a stereo pair if you buy two of either one. They offer analogue inputs and can work great as speakerphones (though you'll likely just use this feature on your phone instead). They both have exceptional two-year warranties, or twice that of most competitors' warranties.


Pricing for these speakers has gone up and down over the last few months, and on Amazon prices can be different for different colors. We link above to the lowest priced colors at the time of this writing, but click through to Amazon to check current prices (and if you're looking for a deal, be sure to click on each color as this changes the price). The UE Boom 2 is always much cheaper than its big sister, and we think it's overall a better buy.

Critical Meta-Review: Sound Quality of the MegaBoom vs. the UE Boom 2

These two speakers sound similar because they share essentially the same design; both have the ability to belt out 360-degree sound at volumes that are suitable for a small party outside, or filling a mid-size room.

The American consumer testing organization preferred the sound of the MegaBoom, but other reviewers didn't notice or note much of a difference; all really liked both speakers. The British consumer testing organization, in a rather inexplicable twist, claims that the Boom 2 is both better sounding and easier to use than the MegaBoom, but we suspect this is due to the reviews being completed at different times (and by listeners judging on different standards?) — the ease of use is exactly the same for both.

Which is louder, the Megaboom or the UE Boom 2? While they are both marketed as delivering "maximum sound levels of 90 dBA", the Megaboom has been tested as delivering over 95 decibels and Boom 2 as delivering 86.2 or just-over-90, depending on who you ask; in both cases they sounded best when putting out 85 decibels.

The MegaBoom has slightly larger drivers and can deliver a bit deeper bass.


Since the sound is pretty similar for both but price is not, we think most will be happier opting for the cheaper and more portable UE Boom 2.  We think that you're likelier to get more use out of it in the end; it's light and small enough to be thrown into any bag, picnic basket, etc. without hesitation.

For those who want a bit of extra depth for in your bass end and don't mind the extra weight/cost, the MegaBoom is a fine choice.

You could, we suppose, buy one of each and use them as a pair with the UE app; this will double the sound (great for outdoors), but you cannot use them in stereo mode in this way. For stereo, you have to own either two MegaBooms or two UE Boom 2s.

For those willing to sacrifice durability and waterproofing for a slightly more refined sound, see our comparison of the UE Boom 2 with the Bose Soundlink Mini II.